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What is the most important job in the world, gets the least recognition, and will make you feel as if you don’t know what you are doing? Parenting! Being a parent is a wonderful experience, and the love of a parent towards a child defies words. Couples often bring very different views of parenting to a family, and these differences are often the source of much conflict. I help individuals and/or couples to identify their parenting styles and the roadblocks they may be creating. We work together to recognize and deal with the inevitable power struggles that emerge with your spouse as you try to be good parents to your children. Acknowledgement of our own beliefs about parenting, some patience, and a lot of humor can go a long way to relieve the stress of parenting as well as the burden that parenting puts on relationships. Parenting often triggers our own issues from childhood and our relationship with our own parents. Counseling can help you navigate all of these issues.

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High Point, NC 27262