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We usually know if we are a worrier, but rarely do we realize all the harm our anxiety is doing to our bodies, minds and relationships. We don’t think we have a choice. We believe “this is just how I am.” Perhaps your Mom or Dad has similar characteristics. That’s not unusual because our tendency toward anxiety is partly inherited through our DNA and partly learned. We can’t change our DNA, but guess what? We can definitely change the things we have learned. Treatment for anxiety involves learning to recognize and change the fear thoughts that fuel anxiety, as well as learning relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body. For many people, treatment may be the first time in their lives they have given themselves permission to relax. Oddly enough, learning to relax can feel uncomfortable when you have never done it. But, it also feels good. People often feel better after the first session. Don’t put off getting help any longer!

Phone: (336) 841-1851
High Point, NC 27262